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Sharks Don't Sleep

Neither Do Bettors

27 March
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#40, 3-4, 46 defense, america, around the horn, arsenal, artest, backgammon, beating fools, being better than you, being flagpole, betting, betting on sports, bill james, bojack, boxing, committing crimes, cornerbacks, cover 2, coyote uggla, crimes, daniel tosh, darth vader, david stein, dbs, depswa, down and above, dr. pepper, driving at unsafe speeds, dvds, entropy, espn, evil conspiracies, evil secret plans, excel spreadsheets, fantasy baseball, fantasy football, feloniousness, felony, finding applebeeeeez, flagpole, flipping out, florida marlins, floyd mayweather, floyd patterson, flying, fraud and racketeering, fucking, funny commercials, funny stuff, gangsta shit, ghost dog, glengarry glen ross, going to lunch, good music, hard rock, hating the motherfucking bosox, hobo tools, hooray beer!, ints, jazz, jews, kevin spacey, killing people, laughing, laughing at you, lbs, linebackers, los angeles dodgers, love, low scoring games, lsu football, madden, magic, manny pacquiao, mariotti, martin brodeur, max kellerman, me vr technology, metal, mike tyson, mitch hedberg, mobium, mock drafting, mojo jojo, movies, music, muslims, new york mets, ninja shit, ninjas, nocturnal liquidation, nonpoint, obliterated village, okafor, pat tillman foundation, phat beats, pillaging, pirates, postcount++, pti, public enemy, qb sacks, quadruple 1, racial profiling, randomactofkindness mondays, raping and pillaging, ray lewis, red stripe, rosenhaus, ruthless efficiency, rza, sabermetrics, sex, sexy beats, sharks, shea stadium, singing poorly, sports betting, stabbing, stone temple pilots, strategery, sue bird, suffocating defensive schemes, suspects (the usual ones), tax evasion, taxes and federal spending, texas hold-em, the 36 chambers, the baltimore ravens, the cheats, the neutral zone trap, the new jersey devils, the terrordome, thierry henry, thinkpad, thuggery, thuggishness, thuglyness, thugnosity, toku, villainousness, villains, villainy, weapons, west wing, writing, wu-tang, you